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The ILH constitution

The Intelligent Leadership Hub:

  • Focuses on advancing leadership development.

  • Believes intelligence is the basis for delivering the smartest outcomes.

  • Believes in putting people and the planet first and profit and systems second.

  • Believes that leadership is both contextual and ubiquitous, ie everyone is a leader.

  • Believes that human cognition is a largely untapped asset class in many organisations.

  • Promotes new governance, leadership and business models better suited to increasing disruption.

  • Focuses on ensuring leaders understand their sustainability responsibilities, specifically with respect to the planet, people, organisations, communities and societies.

  • Promotes fairness in all aspects of human life.

  • Recognises the importance and interdependence of business, government, society and the citizen.

  • Recognises the need to reignite our natural human tendencies if we are to operate effectively in an increasingly disrupted world, specifically our innate intelligence and ability to cooperate at scale.


  • Welcomes those who share our vision.

  • Aims to build a dynamic and influential community comprising leaders, aspirant leaders, leadership experts and those who have an interest in leadership matters.

  • Aims to be the place where important leadership ideas are collaboratively created and matured.

  • Promotes values such as civility, participation, helpfulness and intelligence in respect of how the community engages both internally and externally.

  • Takes every opportunity to influence policy decisions that have a bearing on leadership effectiveness.

  • Offers a conduit for smart thinkers to share their perspectives and influence the leadership conversation.

  • Offers access to a growing array of valuable leadership related products and services.

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