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Image by Milad Fakurian

Support the development of intelligent leaders 

There are a number of ways you can support the mission:

  • Join the Hub, shape the discussion and make an impact.

  • Spread the word by alerting likeminded contacts in your network.

  • Promote ILH products and services.

  • Attend meetups.

We will likely need to grow our advisory council and stable of experts. This might then involve the following activities:

  • Post discussion topics.

  • Organise meetups.

  • Moderate Hub discussions.

  • Be a Hub super user.

  • Contribute to product development, for example:

    • Ideate new products and services.

    • Lead a report.

    • Be an interviewee.

    • Provide commentary.

    • Sit on a product review board.

  • Lead a product campaign.

  • Source rooms for in-person meetings.

  • Provide professional services, eg. coaching, advisory, workshop facilitator.

  • Contribute to conference creation and delivery.

  • Represent the ILH in media.

  • Support development of ILH framework.

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