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The ILH framework

This is the framework upon which we will build a suite of products and services to support intelligent leaders. At the heart of this is the ‘sense, decide and act’ loop. This is a characteristic of all living organisms. This survival mechanism has evolved over billions of years to cope with a harsh and uncertain environment. It makes sense to harness this innate survival mechanism.


Creating organisations and communities that are adaptive, sustainable and fair lies at the heart of our vision.


Our approach is people-centric, so we explore this from the worker and citizen perspective. Intelligent leaders also need to harness artificial intelligence and integrate it with natural intelligence, thus freeing people up to focus on higher value activities.


The ILH aims to study intelligent leadership through the lenses of business, government and civil society. Whilst there will be significant overlap, there will also be differences in respect of what is important.

Value management is critical. A focus on assets rather than profit will provide a buffer against an increasingly uncertain future. Governance is key.

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