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From a value perspective, we are organised around our mission. So there are four streams of activity:

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Create a framework

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Explore issues

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Influence policy

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Support leaders

Create a framework

Create a framework

This framework will form the basis for developing effective leaders. It embraces themes that are critical to intelligent leadership. The framework will be an evolving compendium of theme-oriented theses.

Rather than impose the ILH’s worldview, the development of the framework will be question-led. These questions will be driven by those that need the answers. We will build a database of important questions around the framework’s key themes.


For a given theme, we will focus on the most important unanswered question. Through ILH community discussion and wider research, we will develop a thesis in response to the question.


The ILH will dynamically build the framework through a questioning approach that is grounded in reality, rather than hubristic ‘expert’ opinions.


Learn more about the framework.

Create a framework

Explore issues

Whilst the framework will cover what is important to leaders, there will be important leadership questions that do not sit neatly within the framework. These will be explored in parallel with the development of the framework. Again, like the framework, these questions will lead to theses.

The associated theses may well lead to a rethink in respect of the framework.


In essence this stream enables the ILH to be issues driven.

Create a framework

Influence policy

The greatest impact will come from influencing national / international policy where there is a leadership component.

This stream will focus on:

  • Making the ILH known to policy makers and those in the policy making ecosystem.

  • Establishing our credibility in respect of policy making.

  • Supporting policy making where invited to do so.


We will align where we can with the policy calendar in that we will endeavour to time our deliverables to resonate with major policy-impacting events, eg. COP - climate change. 


Issues driven questions might well be chosen in anticipation of an upcoming event where quality of leadership has a role to play (eg. high profile international conferences). Such events will enable the ILH to synchronise its message with a prominent / topical issue.


We will also endeavour to capitalise on tactical ‘opportunities’ that emerge in the media.

Create a framework

Support leaders

The framework provides the scaffolding for making an impact.


Products -To make an impact we will deliver products such as reports, webinars and other sources of value. These products will be general in nature in that they will be of value to all leaders. The intention is for these to be freely available to leaders.

Services -The services will also be based on the framework. These will be configured to meet the needs of specific leaders / their organisations. Such services include educational programmes, coaching and mentoring.


Both the ILH products and services will be built upon the ILH framework theses.


NB. The issues stream may also give rise to products and services.

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