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The Problem

Owing to rapidly increasing disruption, leaders are struggling and this is causing both businesses and societies to fray. 


​We exist to help leaders develop adaptive organisations optimised to thrive on disruption.

Image by Alejandro Piñero Amerio
Vision Exam


Imagine a world where our organisations and communities:

  • Value people’s wellbeing.

  • Embrace fairness and sustainability.

  • Are highly adaptive to increasing disruption.


The Intelligent Leadership Hub (ILH) is an initiative created by Ade McCormack, a former technologist and Financial Times columnist. Ade is focused on helping organisations transition from an industrial era approach to one better suited to an increasingly disruptive world.

Over the last decade or so, Ade noticed that both business and society were struggling to cope with the increasingly disruptive macroenvironmental forces bearing down on them. To understand what was happening and to provide a way forward, Ade developed a thesis, underpinned by anthropological principles, that he wove into his advisory, speaking and writing work.


This struck a chord with clients and the market in general. Latterly the emerging solution model has embraced concepts from neuroscience, technology, evolutionary biology, natural systems, genetics as well as human performance management.

In late 2021, Ade decided that the best way to make an impact was to support those with the greatest influence. Over 2022 he laid the foundations. In late 2022, Ade started to build a community of experts in various aspects of leadership, organisational design and anthropology.

The problem we are solving requires us to take a different approach. One that is less about transformation and more about adaptiveness.

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