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The Intelligent Leadership Hub (ILH) was created by Ade McCormack, a former technologist and Financial Times columnist. Today he is focused on helping organisations transition from an industrial era approach to one better suited to an increasingly disruptive world.

Over the last decade or so, Ade noticed that both business and society were struggling to cope with the increasingly disruptive macroenvironmental forces bearing down on them. To understand what was happening and to provide a way forward, Ade developed a thesis, underpinned by anthropological principles, that he wove into his advisory, speaking and writing work. This struck a chord with clients and the market in general. Latterly the emerging solution model embraced concepts from neuroscience, technology, evolutionary biology, genetics as well as human performance management.

In late 2021, Ade decided that the best way to make an impact was to support those with the greatest influence. Over 2022 he laid the foundations for a change hub focused on leadership.


The idea of intelligent leadership resonated with both leaders and those that support leaders. A group of circa twenty founding members spent the last quarter of 2022 discussing what form the ILH should take. Today, we have over sixty members in our advisory council from around twenty countries.

In many respects the ILH is an experiment. Unlike a thinktank, we are more focused on a spirit of enquiry. The issues we are facing today will not be solved by traditional solutions. Thus, we will be driven by questions and in particular the signals / patterns that emerge as we engage with all stakeholders to establish what matters to them.  

As the world becomes more uncertain, the ILH is looking to support business, government civil society and the planet. Leadership is our fulcrum.

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Leadership needs a reset because there is now a disconnect between the world in which leaders operate and the leadership principles they are applying.


  • To develop effective leaders.

  • To shape policy where leadership is a key factor.

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Vision Exam


Applying intelligent leadership to create a world where our organisations and communities embrace adaptation, fairness and sustainability.



  • To create a principles-driven intelligent leadership framework (ILF).

  • To build a community of likeminded people to explore the subject of intelligent leadership.

  • To use the ILF, the community and products and services to influence policy globally.

  • To develop a suite of products and services (based on the ILF) to support the uptake of intelligent leadership.

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Who we are helping

Who are we helping?

  • Leaders (Public, private and civil society).

  • Aspirant leaders.

  • Those responsible for leadership development.

  • Policy makers.

  • Those wanting to reshape the nature of leadership.

By supporting these people we will indirectly be supporting humanity and the planet.

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