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Take action!


We need your help to create the intelligent leaders the world needs. Specifically we need help in spreading the word and creating opportunities for impact.

Spreading the word might take the form of:

  • Social media support (Like, comment, share)

  • Raising the issues with influential people (eg. policy makers, leadership development functions, business schools)


Opportunities for impact might take the form of making introductions to people who are responsible for leadership development or leadership policy.


As we grow, we will also need help in respect of:

  • Capability – Either in the production of resources and / or delivery of services.

  • Subject leadership – Eg. Managing our position and outputs in respect of a particular topic such as AI , systems thinking or hybrid working.

  • Resources creation, eg. Authoring, graphical design, editing or reviewing content.

  • Event organisation, eg. Management or supporting role.

  • Regional leadership, eg.. Leading the ILH’s development in a given city or country.

  • Infrastructural, eg. Access to a meeting room.


It’s early days, but it is never to early to register your interest if what the ILH is doing resonates with you.

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